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What does going 1-1 in the first two rounds of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off get you? This year, it's a rematch with the lovable, cuddly, bespeckled Tubby Smith and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. read more

The early season college basketball tournaments tip-off this week, which means we find out who play in many of those tournaments next season. The Gophers will play in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, and so will Texas Tech. read more

It’s not like we didn’t know things would be different when Richard Pitino came to town. Heralded as a guy who likes his teams to run, who has takes a… read more

Okay, so I usually do a season-ending recap soon after the final game of the season when the misery/optimism/exhaling is extremely fresh. It provides the best foundation to really review… read more

Welcome to the half-way point of the great Golden Gopher Basketball coaching search. No, really, we are only halfway there. If a coach was somehow hired by midnight, it would be the quickest hire in the Big Ten since 2010, by a whole four days. While the rest of the world waits with baited breath for the next coach to be named, it seems prudent to pause for a moment and explore what type of coach will be available and what type of coach can be successful. This is what Norwood Teague is looking at right now. As should now be obvious, he is finding a winner than appeasing fans, the media, or anyone else. Today, we will at career archetypes, and their likelihood of success. read more

We’re in the middle of perhaps the most exciting time in recent Gopher hoops memory, and nothing gets the blood pumping like a good, ol’ fashioned coaching search. And while… read more

Lost in the flurry of rumors and innuendo during the search to replace Tubby Smith is that the Golden Gophers basketball team is also awaiting news about who will coach them next. Damian Johnson, former Golden Gophers forward, was a redshirt freshman when Dan Monson was fired and Tubby Smith was hired. He kindly agreed to answer a few questions about what a coaching search is like for players, and how it affects them. read more

The end came for Tubby Smith today, but I can't help but think of the beginning, that glorious spring morning when we all learned that a national championship winning coach, the coach that knocked the infamous 1997 team out of the Final Four, was riding in on a Lear Jet to save the program, create a national brand, and win a Big Ten Title. At least that is how it was supposed to work. Tubby Smith won that first press conference. As the years went on, he didn't win enough press conferences or enough games. Either type of wins would have bought him a few more years, but those never came. read more

It appears that Tubby Smith did need a trip to the Sweet 16 to keep his job. His team lost in the round of 32, and now Tubby Smith has lost his job according to Jeff Goodman. read more