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The Golden Gophers got off a great start at Ohio State on Saturday, but much like the second half of the Big Ten season, the second half of the game steadily spun out of control, as the Gophers lost 64-46. A loss wasn't particularly surprising, and neither was the 18 point margin, but the way the loss occurred has to be particularly frustrating. read more

Everyone talks about the NCAA tournament bubble this time of year, but a better metaphor is probably a cliff. After losing a very winnable game against last place Illinois, the Golden Gophers are perched three short steps from the precipice. With each regular season loss, they get a step closer, and at step number three, they go over the edge, crashing into the NIT. A path to the NCAA tournament still exists, but it is fraught with danger. read more

After near misses against Michigan and Michigan State in conference play, it was starting to look like the Gophers would never get over the hump of actually taking down one… read more

Matt Barker of Buckeye Banter graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the Ohio State Buckeyes, the first top 10 team to come to The Barn since Indiana last season. We answered some questions too, and you can read those answers here. FTB: We all know that Ohio State has one of the best defenses in the country. What makes them so good? Please mention something other than Aaron Craft. MB: It starts with Thad Matta's starting lineup that features three guards. Then you mix in 6-foot-8 forward LaQuinton Ross with 6-foot-11 center Amir Williams and all five are very athletic. Plus, Matta has a deeper bench this season and you add some length with 6-foot-7 forwards Sam Thompson and Marc Loving, Williams is a good shot-blocker in the low post, but it all starts in the backcourt with Aaron Craft and Shannon Scott. I have to include Craft in this question since he's the best on-ball defender in the country. Case in point, in five games over the last two seasons against Michigan, Trey Burke shot just 36 percent from the field and 30 percent from three-point range. While he did average 13.2 points and 5.2 assists, he also averaged 4.4 turnovers in those games against Craft. read more

At about this time last year, the Big Ten was widely considered to be the best conference in America. The Gophers were on the verge of being a top ten team, and Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State all looked like national title contenders. The big questions entering the conference season involved how many Big Ten teams would make the final four. After a good but not great non-conference season, college basketball pundits are left with the much more pedestrian question of what various teams need to do just to make the NCAA tournament. Instead of throwing out conference record predictions, or NCAA tournament seed projection, we'll look at the non-conference performance of each Big Ten team, and the worst possible Big Ten record that could get each team in the tournament. That way, when your team starts struggling, you'll know when to get nervous, and ultimately when to stop caring. In Minnesota, we have a word for this: February. read more

I hope you'll excuse our lack of enthusiasm lately as another season, once the most promising in decades, is on the verge of spinning completely out of control. We'll do our best to keep plugging away. read more

The last set of games in our schedule preview hopefully will not determine if the Golden Gophers make the NCAA tournament, but will likely go a long way in determining… read more

We’ll get around to reviewing the Golden Gophers 2011-2012 season at some point. Until then, we’ll be resurrecting Barn Blurbs, our occasional round-up of stories around the series of tubes… read more

Holy Buford. The Gophers came into their contest against national powerhouse Ohio State with aspirations of upsetting a top-6 team, grabbing another signature win for their tournament resume and sending… read more