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I feel for Michigan these days. The whole state. It’s hard when one of the football teams and both basketball teams play poorly.The state of Michigan isn't alone, with Purdue, Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern, Rutgers, Nebraska, and probably others also suffering some strange defeats. We understand this in Minnesota. I use basketball as a coping mechanism to survive winter. But Minnesota basketball (heck, Minnesota sports in general, excluding the Lynx) isn’t really a great way to boost one’s mood during a cold and dark season. So we need coping mechanisms that help us survive basketball, and by extension, winter. Here are some tips for getting through a disappointing basketball season: read more

It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t particularly fun to watch, but when the final horn sounded only one thing mattered — the Gophers had taken down Northwestern 54-48 on the… read more

Two-thirds of the Big Ten season has gone by, and the Minnesota Golden Gophers are still the worst defensive team in the Big Ten. It is too late in the season to hope that they'll become a good defensive team, probably too late to hope they'll become average, and will soon be too late to think they can get out of the defensive cellar. The Gophers are not going to win any games because of their defense. However, there is a glimmer of hope that the defense, on occasion, will be just good enough to allow Minnesota's offense to win. Sunday evening at Northwestern would be a fine time for that to happen. read more

In a game that served as an opportunity to rebound from a loss on the road to Nebraska, the Gophers came out flat against a hot, yet still suspect, Northwestern… read more

The Minnesota Golden Gophers and Northwestern Wildcats will won't resolve any age-old debates on Saturday in The Barn, but they will provide plenty of fodder for those who like to argue if offense or defense is more important in college basketball. The Gophers have the worst defense in the Big Ten, and Northwestern's offense is historically inept. We won't find out if defense wins championships on Saturday, but we may find out if a resistable force (Minnesota's defense) can defeat a movable object (the Wildcat offense). read more

At about this time last year, the Big Ten was widely considered to be the best conference in America. The Gophers were on the verge of being a top ten team, and Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State all looked like national title contenders. The big questions entering the conference season involved how many Big Ten teams would make the final four. After a good but not great non-conference season, college basketball pundits are left with the much more pedestrian question of what various teams need to do just to make the NCAA tournament. Instead of throwing out conference record predictions, or NCAA tournament seed projection, we'll look at the non-conference performance of each Big Ten team, and the worst possible Big Ten record that could get each team in the tournament. That way, when your team starts struggling, you'll know when to get nervous, and ultimately when to stop caring. In Minnesota, we have a word for this: February. read more

We’re in the middle of perhaps the most exciting time in recent Gopher hoops memory, and nothing gets the blood pumping like a good, ol’ fashioned coaching search. And while… read more

There are plenty of tea leaves to read on the first day the Golden Gopher basketball coaching search. There isn't much hard news, but the news that does exist is good. We'll start with what we know, and that is the Josh Pastner will not be coaching the Golden Gophers or anyone other than Memphis. He confirmed that he is restructuring his contract and has no intention of leaving Memphis. Pastner was never a legitimate candidate to come to a university still recovering from another slick talker and over-rated recruited, right Tim Brewster? Andre Hollins and Austin Hollins would not have been happy either, considering they chose not to play for Memphis. If the coaching search went south though, Pastner's name might have popped up, if solely to make a splash with the next hire. Now, for some speculation... read more

The best conference tournament of the season, and perhaps the most anticipated Big Ten tournament tips off bright and early on Thursday morning when the Gophers take on Illinois at 11 am. How competitive will the tournament be? Consider that the Gophers and the Illini, the eight and nine seeds respectively, are each playing for a chance to beat number one seed Indiana for the second time. Anything can happen, and probably will. Here is what you need to know. read more