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There are no trades in college basketball. However, rarely, it sure feels like it. Today is one of those days. Joe Coleman will be transferring out of the program while Malik Smith, a senior shooting guard from Florida Internatonal, will be a Golden Gopher next year. Smith will be eligible right away. read more

Dre Mathieu, a 5'8" -5'11" (could someone measure this kid, please) junior college point-guard out of Knoxville, Tennessee will be joining the Golden Gophers for the 2013-2014 season. He will have two seasons of eligibility. Despite a successful high school career which landed him on the all-state team, his lack of height scared away all Division I scholarship offers. A successful junior college season, one in which he scored 16.1 points per game and added six assists, and 6 rebounds, was enough to get him several scholarship offers and now a spot on the Gophers roster. read more

A truly rewarding journey isn't easy. There are wrong turns, detours, and delays. The college basketball season is 30 games long, and the Golden Gophers got lost along the way, and more than once looked like they wanted to give up and go home. Instead, they'll be playing to go to the teams first Sweet 16 (that counts) since 1989. In basketball as in life, without negatives there can be no positives. read more

It hasn’t been a pretty ride recently in Gopher Land. After blowing through the gauntlet of games that opened the Big Ten conference season with a couple nice wins, the… read more

Well this really sucks. After a week of waiting and hoping and dreaming and getting all tingly thinking about a possible and historic Gophers victory, the team goes out and… read more

It is the second weekend in January, and the Golden Gophers, yes, your Golden Gophers, are playing in what might be the game of the year in the Big Ten. Regardless of what happens against the Hoosier, they'll play their second consecutive top ten opponent on Thursday. The Minnesota game against the Indiana Hoosiers will be the first top ten match-up in Assembly Hall in 13 years. The Big Ten Network is running an hour long, on location pregame show before the game. The Gophers have barged their way back into big time college basketball. read more

So, the Gophers just destroyed the Illinois Fighting Illini. The #12 ranked team in the nation. On the road. By 17 points. Which is on the heels of winning their… read more

Yes, it turns out. Basketball games on the west coast that are unseen do in fact count. The Golden Gophers beat the mediocre at best USC Trojans in rather convincing fashion. Minnesota is the 2012-2013 champion of maroon and gold. How about that? Normally I'd try to provide some analysis of what happened. Since the closest I came to actually seeing the game was ESPN's game tracker, we'll have to get statistical. read more

Hey, the first (and likely only) Kendal Shell headline that will ever occur! It wasn’t the highlight of the game, but in a relatively boring, Wolters-less victory over the South… read more