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After dropping three straight games to three very beatable teams, the Gophers came into their showdown with Indiana desperately needing a win. It wasn’t yet a “must-win” game, but more… read more

The Minnesota Golden Gophers and the Indiana Hoosiers, who play each other in a rather important game for NCAA tournament purposes on Saturday evening, find themselves in nearly the same position. Both teams are on the bubble, trying to take charge of their own destiny, lest they be forced to hope that other teams play themselves out of the NCAA tournament. However, while Gopher fans (and players unfortunately) have begun to panic about their NCAA tournament prospects, Indiana fans think that is so six weeks ago, and are now becoming more confident as the season progresses. Expectations are to blame. read more

At about this time last year, the Big Ten was widely considered to be the best conference in America. The Gophers were on the verge of being a top ten team, and Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State all looked like national title contenders. The big questions entering the conference season involved how many Big Ten teams would make the final four. After a good but not great non-conference season, college basketball pundits are left with the much more pedestrian question of what various teams need to do just to make the NCAA tournament. Instead of throwing out conference record predictions, or NCAA tournament seed projection, we'll look at the non-conference performance of each Big Ten team, and the worst possible Big Ten record that could get each team in the tournament. That way, when your team starts struggling, you'll know when to get nervous, and ultimately when to stop caring. In Minnesota, we have a word for this: February. read more

The Big Ten’s single-play match-ups for the 2013-2o14 season leaked today, and the Golden Gophers should benefit from their schedule. They didn’t quite win the lottery like Wisconsin did (really,… read more

We’re in the middle of perhaps the most exciting time in recent Gopher hoops memory, and nothing gets the blood pumping like a good, ol’ fashioned coaching search. And while… read more

Day one of the Big Ten tournament is in the books with one surprise but a few good finishes. Now the top teams in the conference take the floor for what should be a thrilling afternoon and night. read more

What can you really say when your team knocks off the #1 team in the nation unexpectedly? It’s one of the greatest feelings a college basketball fan can experience. It’s… read more

Normally in our game previews we break down the keys statistics, key match-ups, and the players most likely to decide the outcome of the game. None of that seems necessary when number one Indiana comes to The Barn on Tuesday night. Indiana is just better that the Gophers. The players are better. The coaching is better. The team is better. Indiana should win, and rather handily. The Hoosiers are only a six point favorite, which tells me that the folks in Las Vegas don't have access to the Big Ten Network. read more

There is a reason why the Golden Gophers have never beaten a top five team on the road, and it isn't just a lack of quality Gopher basketball teams. Top five teams, by definition are really, really good. It can take a perfect performance to beat an elite team on the road, and even a perfect performance is sometimes not enough. Instead of achieving their own perfection in the first half, the Gophers were steamrolled by the Indiana Hoosiers, who put together one of the better halves of college in the last decade. read more