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In a game that felt like it would never end, and with a clown car of announcers and color commentators talking about anything other than the game in front of… read more

That was something, huh? Zips, if and when he wakes up from last night's mind-numbing, never-ending Gophers win(?) will be back with his typically excellent game review, and I'll be back later tonight with a preview of the NIT championship (!?) game. I have a few minutes to kill right now, just enough time to discuss some of the coaching situations that arose in the last few minutes last night. read more

For the second time in three seasons, the Gophers will play in the N.I.T. semi-finals in New York City. Their opponent, the Florida State Seminoles, failed to make the NCAA tournament in large part because of their loss back in December to the Golden Gophers in the Big Ten - ACC Challenge. The Gophers will be out for revenge too, in a bit more convoluted way. Their once "good win" over the Seminoles grew more mediocre as the season went on, and as the Seminoles slowly fell apart, so did Minnesota's chance to return to the NCAA tournament. read more

The post-Maui Invitational feeling around Gopher Nation could probably be characterized as optimistically disappointed. That is, after a near upset over Syracuse, a blowout at the hands of Arkansas and… read more

There is no such thing as a "must win" November college basketball game, but there can be very important games, especially in terms of post-season positioning. Thanks to a disappointing performance in the Maui Invitational, the Golden Gophers have a very important game against Florida State Seminoles as part of the Big Ten - ACC challenge on Tuesday evening. A win won't put them in the NCAA tournament, but a loss would all but necessitate a nine win Big Ten season to play in the tournament that matters in March. The Gophers haven't won 9 Big Ten games since 2010. read more

The Gophers have certainly been through the ringer over the last week. They mercifully finished a string of games featuring Duke, Memphis, Stanford, and Florida State and showed perhaps their true… read more

Thanks to their strong performance in the Bahamas and a few foibles by previously ranked teams, the Golden Gophers will enter their Big Ten-ACC challenge game against Florida State Seminoles ranked 21st in the Associate Press poll. While the ranking will not help the team win any games, and will certainly decrease the odds that any opponents will overlook them, the recognition is good for the players and program, and just might get a few extra fans to trek out to The Barn on a cold winter night. read more

The last set of games in our schedule preview hopefully will not determine if the Golden Gophers make the NCAA tournament, but will likely go a long way in determining… read more

The Gophers knew they were going to need a nearly flawless game to beat Florida State, and the combination of bad fouls, bad shooting, and bad seniors were far from… read more