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The narrative all season, at least during conference play, was that the Gophers were a Jekyll and Hyde. They could play with the best in the conference but also had… read more

Now you know our pain. Thank you @shipesmash even if you have too much time on your hands. read more

With the Gophers on the NIT bubble and Northwestern precariously perched on the important bubble, Thursday's Big Ten Tournament game between Minnesota and the Wildcats matters a lot more to the folks down in Evanston than it should to you. So what better time to check in with the good folks at Lake The Posts, who cover the Wildcats when they aren't collecting flag pictures. read more

Well, the Gophers sure went out with a whimper. There won’t be any miracle run in the Big Ten Tournament, and there probably won’t be a trip to the NIT either.… read more

With Gopher basketball mired in meaningless land with the late season collapse, it will take a miracle, the likes of which has never happened for any team in Minnesota, to… read more

The reaction: “We all jumped together,” point guard Devoe Joseph said. “I think we might have damaged the couch in there.” Damaged would be putting it mildly. “We did break… read more

Let me try this, but don’t expect much in the way of complete sentences or proper punctuation. We are officially in uncharted territory and I am as close to being… read more

Last year I wrote that March is the season of redemption. This year, the Gophers need some redemption and then some. Even though they finished with the same Big Ten… read more

<a href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php?option=com_mobile&#038;task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=472c444412″ mce_href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php?option=com_mobile&amp;task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=472c444412″ >Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Michigan State Spartans</a> read more