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The folks at Big Ten Geeks, god love ’em, have broken down the non-conference schedules of all the Big Ten teams, complete with odds of winning. Things look bleak against… read more

Ralph Sampson III was born to be a twin tower. His father, Ralph Sampson II, was the lesser known half of the original “Twin Towers” when he played along side… read more

If everyone in Yankton, South Dakota wanted to come to Williams Arena to watch Colton Iverson play, they could, and 1,000 of them could bring a friends. The entire city… read more

Devron Bostick was supposed to be the player to put the Gophers over the top. He was the supposed to be instant offense, able to take over a game, or… read more

A few pictures from yesterday: Nothing particularly newsworthy happened. Damian Johnson’s recovery is well underway, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back a week later. He didn’t really… read more

From the start of last season, it was obvious that Al Nolen would be pleasent surprise. He was clearly an above average defensive player, and didn’t take too much away… read more

A not completely thorough season preview I wrote for UM Hoops, can be viewed here. Check it out, and check them out for all your Michigan needs. Their football team,… read more

In football there is “SEC Speed”. In basketball there is “Big Ten size”. Both of these have been mentioned so often as the keys to success, that regardless of their… read more

I remember sitting at Williams arena one year ago tonight during Tubby’s Tip-off, wondering who the tall skinny kid was. He looked incredibly athletic, though lanky. He could get off… read more