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The early season college basketball tournaments tip-off this week, which means we find out who play in many of those tournaments next season. The Gophers will play in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, and so will Texas Tech. read more

The Golden Gophers tip off their 2014-2015 basketball season is just over three months. Summer will fade into fall as anticipation, and some guarded optimism, builds. But why wait until November, or until March, when you can know what happened now. read more

There are only two games left in the ideally stress-free but often boring portion of the non-conference season. We won't ignore those hyphenated opponents, but today's news dictates looking forward to next season. Today it was confirmed that the Golden Gophers will indeed face the elder Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals in a coast guard hangar in Puerto Rico. The game will be inside, away from the horrors of the wind, water, and sunshine that have plagued similar early season marquee match-ups. The father and son match-up up is another cog in a much more difficult schedule next season that will see the Gophers face some combination of Georgia, Gonzaga, St. John's, and probably a decent mid-major or two. There will also be a decent game as part of the Big Ten-ACC Challenge. As we've discussed ad infinitum, the goal of the non-conference season is to lay a path to the NCAA tournament. If the next season is any reflection of Richard Pitino's expectations, the Gophers should be pretty good. read more

The Golden Gophers' conference slate starts out with a bang, at home against Michigan, features several winnable games in January, and then February happens. The irony of a nearly impossible stretch of games during the conference season's most crucial month is a bit amusing, since it was a lack of February success that cost Tubby Smith his job. If Richard Pitino wants to differentiate himself from his predecessor, having a successful February would certainly be one way to do it. read more

The Golden Gophers released their non-conference schedule yesterday, to complete lack of fanfare, excluding the traditional gnashing of teeth of that accompanies the annual realization that there will be no headline stealing teams at The Barn until the Big Ten season begins. read more

As if we weren’t short on news and happenings in Gopher basketball land these days, the brain trust behind the Maui Invitational, where Minnesota will play in November, today released the… read more

The Big Ten’s single-play match-ups for the 2013-2o14 season leaked today, and the Golden Gophers should benefit from their schedule. They didn’t quite win the lottery like Wisconsin did (really,… read more

After five Big Ten games, four of which were against ranked teams and two against teams ranked number five, the Golden Gophers finally have a much deserved break. With no game this weekend, there is no better time to take a closer look at the season so far, how the team has performed compared to our pre-season expectations, and how things might play out the rest of the way. read more

The last set of games in our schedule preview hopefully will not determine if the Golden Gophers make the NCAA tournament, but will likely go a long way in determining… read more