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Diedhiou denied admission, might join the Gophers in January.

Last night we learned that Gaston Diedhiou was not admitted to the University of Minnesota for the fall semester, and therefore, won’t be joining the team this fall. Orginally from Mali, and currently living in Spain, the Gopher power forward recruit did not demonstrate sufficient English proficiency to be admitted to the university. The plan, as it stands, is for him to complete an English language classes during the fall semester as a non-student and enroll during the second semester. He would then presumably join the team. It isn’t ideal to lose a player a week before classes start, but in terms of basketball, this isn’t a big deal. Diedhiou , if he wasn’t red-shirted, would have been a fourth-string center or a third-string power forward.

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Pitino lands point guard Kevin Dorsey, his first four star recruit.

This morning Kevin Dorsey, a 6’0″ point guard out of Maryland, confirmed that he had verbally committed to join the Golden Gophers for the 2015-2016 basketball season. That season is nearly a year and a half away, giving the team two point guards of the present, and two of the future.

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Bakary Konate commits, solidifies U’s relationship with Canarias Basketball Academy.

Before Dan McHale joined Richard Pitino’s coaching staff, he was an assistant at Seton Hall. The Pirates were in a similar position to the Golden Gophers. They were a high- major program, but usually not the first choice for high-major recruits. Necessity being the mother of invention, the Pirates sought recruits in nontraditional places, especially the Canarias Basketball Academy (CBA). The Gophers are following that same strategy.

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Meet the new backcourt, same as the old backcourt.

There will be no replacing Austin and Andre Hollins. With the same last names, similar first names, same hometowns, and the sheer confusion they cause unprepared commentators, they will never be forgotten. On the court, it has been a joy to watch them grow into leaders, and it will be sad to see them move on to bigger and better things. That is, unless they never leave… No, this isn’t the beginning of a Halloween inspired tale of backcourt cloning, except in a way it is. Richard Pitino has decided to replace the Hollinses with themselves, or at least their doppelgangers.

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Recruiting a point guard is not a necessity, at least not yet.

This off-season’s recruiting is beginning to look a bit like early 2008, except that the Gophers are hardly in dire straits when it comes to ball handlers. The news that Riley LaChance will play for Vanderbilt could have been grounds to panic. Thankfully, Richard Pitino understands the importance of ball handlers, and has fully stocked his back court shelf for the next two seasonon.

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Finally a commitment! Josh Martin verbals to the Gophers.

Minnesota, and attrition, finally won out. Josh Martin has verbally committed to the Golden Gophers, and plans to suit up starting in the 2014-2015 season. On a roster nearly devoid of non-centers and non-guards, the 6’8″ 230 pound power forward fills a position of need for Richard Pitino. Martin chose the Gophers over the Pittsburgh Panthers and the Florida State Seminoles.

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Gophers hit recruiting crunch time, still trying to overcome late start.

Thursday will be another day to monitor twitter closely. Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn will be announcing his college choice. Even though he would be the perfect point guard for Richard Pitino’s system, a fan favorite, and a hero the over 50 crowd (what a name!) things aren’t looking good, as Down With Goldy points out in agonizing detail.

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Where in the world is Richard Pitino?

There is an old joke, though not a particularly funny one, in which someone asks “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” obviously seeking directions to the actual music venue. The answer is the punchline “Practice, practice, practice.” If someone asked Richard Pitino for directions to the Final Four, he would have two answers, “recruiting, recruiting, recruiting” or the alternative, “Go everywhere!.”

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Your mid-summer Golden Gophers basketball update

Never in my blogging career has an offseason been so full of things happening. Recent summers for the Gophers have consisted mainly of transfers from guys we only sort of care about, schedule updates and the occasional arrest. This offseason, however, is completely different. With a new coach in tow, a crazy recruiting class on the horizon, guys transferring in and out, and a new facilities plan recently unveiled, the dog days are certainly full of relevant basketball news. Instead of covering the happenings one…

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Five predictions for the Richard Pitino Era

The good folks over at Gopher247 asked me to provide my predictions for the Richard Pitino. Little do they know that the future will prove me incredibly accurate. Without much else going on in the world of Golden Gophers basketball, I obliged. My predictions are below. You can check out their contributors’ likely more accurate predictions here. Yes, we are likely all too optimistic, but go easy on us. We’ll all have plenty of chances for doom and gloom should the opportunity arise.

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