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The narrative all season, at least during conference play, was that the Gophers were a Jekyll and Hyde. They could play with the best in the conference but also had… read more

Two-thirds of the Big Ten season has gone by, and the Minnesota Golden Gophers are still the worst defensive team in the Big Ten. It is too late in the season to hope that they'll become a good defensive team, probably too late to hope they'll become average, and will soon be too late to think they can get out of the defensive cellar. The Gophers are not going to win any games because of their defense. However, there is a glimmer of hope that the defense, on occasion, will be just good enough to allow Minnesota's offense to win. Sunday evening at Northwestern would be a fine time for that to happen. read more

Finally, the non-conference season is coming to an end. Not only do we get a hyphen and a specific city for the Golden Gophers final non Big Ten opponent, but Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi even brings an ampersand! What else could you ask for? Maybe an interesting basketball game? Well, you'll have to look elsewhere until January 2nd when the Gophers open Big Ten play against Michigan. read more

On Saturday night at Richmond, the Golden Gophers passed their biggest test of the season. Using a match-up zone defense, and some timely scoring, they turned a small deficit into a comfortable win. It was an important game for a team still learning what they are capable of. Syracuse is looming in the not so distant future. For a chance for a season-defining victory in November, they can't afford any slip-ups this week, especially against Coastal Carolina. read more

Now that the NCAA’s proprietary eligibility algorithm decided that Joey King will play for the Golden Gophers this season, we actually know who will be on the team, and can… read more

Okay, so I usually do a season-ending recap soon after the final game of the season when the misery/optimism/exhaling is extremely fresh. It provides the best foundation to really review… read more

Norwood Teague earned his reputation plucking unknown coaches out of obscurity, and with his first hire at the University of Minnesota, he has done it once again. Richard Pitino, 30 year old son of another Richard Pitino, will be the next Golden Gophers basketball coach after one season at Florida International. read more

Welcome to the half-way point of the great Golden Gopher Basketball coaching search. No, really, we are only halfway there. If a coach was somehow hired by midnight, it would be the quickest hire in the Big Ten since 2010, by a whole four days. While the rest of the world waits with baited breath for the next coach to be named, it seems prudent to pause for a moment and explore what type of coach will be available and what type of coach can be successful. This is what Norwood Teague is looking at right now. As should now be obvious, he is finding a winner than appeasing fans, the media, or anyone else. Today, we will at career archetypes, and their likelihood of success. read more

There is only one person who ever enjoyed a coaching search, and he was fictional. Take it away Alfred. And the world does burn during a coaching search, especially for… read more