Who were are:

Jonathan Foster aka JF:

I grew up watching the Clem Haskins led Gophers, from his first season until “certain events” took place. From the upper reaches of section 119 I witnessed many moments that I will never forget, even if the NCAA says they never happened.

Gangellhoffgate, coupled with a stint as the basketball manager/stat guy in high school and four years at St. Olaf college in  Northfield, Minnesota made getting to games almost impossible.

After a few seasons in the student section where I always wanted to be, I can now be found cheering for the Gophers in near the rafters above the Gophers and writing about a team well on its way back to its winning ways.

Steve Bailey AKA zipsofakron
A regular Twin Cities guy with an intense interest in Gopher basketball. I hopped on the bandwagon in 1997 during the Final Four run and haven’t looked back since, even when better logic might have prevailed.  Being a Gopher fan has been a character-building experience to say the least, but it’s the roller coaster ride that makes every game so intense and fun to watch.  Gopher games are never short on drama and there is always plenty to discuss throughout the season.  Maybe that’s why I get such a kick out of writing about them. Hopefully you find my thoughts fresh or, at the very least, mildly intelligent.  For more thoughts on the team follow me on Twitter: @zipsofakron.

What to expect:

Unobstructed views on the University of Minnesota Men’s Basketball Team, from just above the concourse and just to the right of the band in the student section at Williams Arena.

Join the discussion, share your thoughts, or just criticize my writing. After several years of the basketball doldrums, hopefully this is the year that Gopher fans will rock the barn once again, and the basketball team will actually be worth discussing.

Feel free to email me at fromthebarn@gmail.com if you have questions, suggestions, or hate mail.

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