Golden Gopher basketball is equal parts entertaining, frustrating, heartbreaking, and captivating. As a fan base, we’ve come to hope for the best, expect the worst and begrudgingly handle whatever the college basketball gods throw at us. That story is illustrated within these pages. At From The Barn, our mission is to capture the essence of Golden Gopher fandom, provide a bit of perspective and reason, and encourage passionate discussion.


We’re not here to break stories, nitpick Xs and Os or provide inside recruiting info. There are plenty of experts who are paid good money to do that sort of thing already, and do a great job. Instead, we fit a special niche that captures the emotional peaks and valleys of being a fan, and pair it with practical perspective and tidbits to make and keep us more informed. The freedom of the blogosphere allows us to be jubilant, sarcastic, pained, petty and ironic. Being a fan means being human, and we aim to be barometer of the everyfan, while staying grounded in the unmistakable circumstances of reality.
Expect to find previews, recaps, #hottakes, profiles, opinions, excitement and self-deprecation, with a premium on great writing. This is Golden Gopher basketball.


Our main contributor is editor/owner Zipsofakron (or “Zips,” colloquially). He goes by Steve in real life and knows everything there is to know about college nicknames. A fan since 1997 when the Gophers made an unforgettable (and unofficial) Final Four run, Zips has weathered the ups and downs of fandom with grim acceptance and casual disbelief. He loves 16-seeds, hates Bo Ryan and is especially annoyed by local media sensationalism.

Additional contributions come from Jonathan Foster, the original founder of From The Barn. For several years, JF provided unobstructed views of Golden Gopher basketball and acted as one of the chief gadflies of the Gopher blogging community. Now that real life is officially in the way, you can find him in a rocking chair with his wife at Williams Arena as they watch the Gophers in person and complain on Twitter

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