Oh, hey Gophers, nice to see you’re back at it. And we haven’t even started the season yet! Now we can add, “top recruit suspended in only second game of career” to list of things that just tend to happen here.

If you check the box score closely from last night’s exhibition win over SW Minnesota State, you’ll notice that freshman phenom hopeful Kevin Dorsey did not suit up. That’s because he was suspended for the game for academic issues. More specifically, he “failed to meet his academic obligations as a student-athlete.”

Nice to see the even the new Gophers are already #Gophering and we haven’t even played a game that actually counts.

Post-game, Pitino did say the situation was nothing major and it’s just little things that are adding up (i.e., punctuality things). But then he added that if “he has a good week, I anticipate him being back, no problems.” If? Man, it’s too early for this stuff.

Granted, who knows whether this was a Pitino scare tactic to whip a college freshman into shape or if this is just the surface of an underlying issue, but anyone who’s followed the program closely the past 1,000 years instinctively knows that it’s never the easy option. Nothing is ever as it seems with this program.

Stay tuned.