If nothing else, the 2015-16 season is going to be one of fresh faces. Losing foundational pieces like Andre Hollins, Mo Walker, DeAndre Mathieu and, to a lesser extent, Elliott Eliason hurts in the box score, but also drastically changes the makeup of the team. In fact, this year there are six newcomers, which doesn’t even include the two transfers who won’t play this year. Keep that lineup card handy this season.

With so many new faces, it’s helpful to introduce some of the new guys or, at the very least, provide a refresher. We start with Dupree McBrayer (Sunrise Christian Academy), a freshman combo guard from Queens, N.Y.

The deets:

Dupree McBrayer, Minnesota Gophers

Dupree McBrayer

Class: Freshman
From: Queens, N.Y.
Position: Guard
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 180
Shoots: Left
Twitter: @InPree_WeTrust


What does he do?

McBrayer’s signature strength is his shot and is especially dangerous from deep. However, he’s focused on adding ballhandling to repertoire and showed growth in high school in being able to create offense for himself. So, he’s got a dangerous shot but is still learning how to pair that with court vision. And he’s a lefty, so that’s kind of cool looking.

His biggest knock is his size, and its hard for him to get through the lane in traffic. While that’s not unusual for a true freshman, he still has work to do to put some size on his frame, but at 6’4″ he has plenty to work with.

What’s his place on the team?

McBrayer brings depth to the backcourt but won’t start from the outset. With Nate Mason and Kevin Dorsey in tow already, it’s largely assumed they’ll take the reins to begin the season. And Pitino has talked about giving Carlos Morris time at shooting guard as well, which is a horrifying thought in itself. Still, that leaves McBrayer as the odd man out, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a true freshman, he’ll certainly need development, and it sounds like he’s shown some growth over the summer. Without a clear-cut point guard on the roster, McBrayer could be in the mix, but it’s more likely he’ll contribute on the wing.

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