Technically it didn’t happen, because scores, stats and individual performances are barred from being reported per NCAA rules, but indications are the Gophers lost 103-78 in Ames in Sunday’s secret scrimmage.

Secret scrimmages aren’t anything new as they’ve been around since the early 70s. But it’s been quite a while since the Gophers actually partook in one, so it feels a little strange, considering the mystery that surrounds them. A rule on exhibition games prohibits D-1 teams from playing in front of the public if they face other D-1 teams, though they can have public exhibitions if they play teams from lesser divisions. So, for coaches that want to put their players up against better competition, they’re forced to have secret scrimmages that are not open to the public. And what’s more, the scores and stats cannot be published and coaches are barred from commenting on individual performances. Truly a strange device.

However, in the age of social media, such secrets don’t stay secrets for long. Doogie had a few tidbits from some sources on the inside and a Cyclone reporter also found some nuggets. Here’s what we could gather:

– Iowa State totally dominated, according to sources
– The game was a standard 40-minute contest
– Mo Walker and Nate Mason did not play. Walker has a hamstring injury, but it’s unclear why Mason was held out.
– Squirrel Morris led the Gophers with 22 points
– Andre Hollins had 21 points and 3 TOs
– Drizzy Mathieu struggled, scoring 11 and committing 5 TOs
– Josh Martin supposedly looked good
– Iowa State had 25 points on 35 field goals
– Former Gopher commit, Daniel Edozie, surfaced for the Cyclones, scoring 9 points and grabbing 6 rebounds.

Take the results as you will. Obviously it’s only a scrimmage, so it falls somewhere between a summer league game and an exhibition we’d see at Williams Arena before the season starts. And Mo Walker and Nate Mason didn’t even play. Of course, you’d still like to win and not get completely blown out, but putting stock in unreported scrimmage results is just unnecessary stress.