Not only does it avoid the things I truly hate about intro videos, like really bad hip-hop, overly dramatic music (drama is fine, but basketball is not storming the Bastille, shots not involving basketball (remember the weight-lifting cut-in last year), and too much dramatic posing, it includes good things too! The archival footage is great. Bobby Jackson is in an intro-video. When did we think that would happen? The video builds throughout, and the final scene of the Barn Storming is the perfect way to get fans fired up for a game.

Watch it, full-screen and with surround sound if at all possible.

3 thoughts on “The Gophers basketball hype video is amazing.

  1. It true goes to show how much the administration has changed. There is no way the previous admin would have allow Bobby Jackson to be in one of these videos.

  2. I don’t know what the balance is between acknowledging the scandal and also acknowledging the success of that team. However, ignoring its existence completely was wrong, and showing a two second clip of a gopher legend is closer to right.

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