The Big Ten’s single-play match-ups for the 2013-2o14 season leaked today, and the Golden Gophers should benefit from their schedule. They didn’t quite win the lottery like Wisconsin did (really, playing Michigan State and Ohio State only once, and both games at home). However, they do play some very good teams only once and get two cracks at bad teams. More importantly, rivalries will be preserved.

The Gophers will play Indiana and Illinois at home, and won’t play either team on the road. Neither Illinois or Indiana will be as good as next year, but both Assembly Halls have been notoriously difficult for the Gophers, and more often than not, they have played both road games during he same week.

The Gophers will play Michigan State and Nebraska only on the road. Michigan State will be a national title contender, and would likely have swept the Gophers. It would have been great to see such a good team in The Barn, but avoiding a sure loss is good. Nebraska should be pretty bad, so losing a home game against the Huskers means losing a likely win. However, the Gophers will play in Nebraska’s brand new arena, we should be fun and worth the drive.

This means the Gophers will play Iowa and Wisconsin twice, the way it should be. Others weren’t as lucky. Indiana and Purdue will play eachother only once, as will Northwestern and Illinois and Michigan State and Ohio State.

In other scheduling news, the Gophers will play Florida State at home, but the Seminoles won’t have Andre Wiggins, so this game is no longer interesting.