It is a sad day for the twitterati and bloggers everywhere. Puns won’t come easy once the next Gopher basketball coach is named. Shaka Smart has decided to stay at VCU, adding a bit of mystery to the coaching search.

Logic would dictate that Smart was the leading candidate, especially given his relationship with Norwood Teague and Mike Ellis. It also shouldn’t be that surprising that he chose to stay home, like he has each of the least few seasons. Let us all hope that Teague and Ellis knew this, and the courting of Smart was nothing more than a prerequisite to pursuing more likely candidates.

The big question regarding the coaching search has just as much to do with when as it does with who. You’ve probably noticed a bit of hysteria surrounding the coaching search, and any athletic director wants a coach named as soon as possible. If a coach is not announced tomorrow, it is same to assume two things. Either the next Gophers basketball coach is still coaching this season,  or Teague is handling the coaching search as one would expect the Gophers to handle a coaching search, and that isn’t good.

Treat today as a cautionary tale.  Everyone thinks they know more than they actually do, and  there are more people who care about getting attention than care about being right. In other words, think before you retweet, and ask yourself how well you know the guy who knows a guy who heard something another guy.

We’ll be back tomorrow, coach or not.





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