As you may have noticed there isn’t exactly much basketball being played at collegiate level due to finals and the holidays. In fact, we are quite lucky if there is one watchable game on television each night.  This is not good for nervous bloggers/fans  who are terrified/overly excited about the start of the Big Ten season.

In order to channel that energy in a positive/distracting way, why not discuss Gophers basketball and college basketball in general?

Leave your questions and comments below, and zips and I will write detailed responses free of the speculative drivel that occasionally gets called journalism.

Fire away!

2 thoughts on “Let’s try something new: Ask From The Barn!

  1. Feel free to answer as many or as few as you want.

    1. Does Wally take Oto’s minutes or Julian’s? Wally seems like more of a classic shooting guard, but I think he could function in Joe’s role as a small small forward. Oto’s been abysmal so far this year, so we need another shooter or two on the court.

    2. Is our starting power forward next year on the roster? I’d love for it to be Buggs, but I seem him as more of a small forward. I wish Ingram were staying one more year. Sounds like Foster’s more of a thin 3 rather than a thick 4 type as well.

    3. I’m already crafting lineups for 2015 in my head, including Hank Ellenson, Alex Osieneks, Rashad Vaughn, Reid Travis, and Amir Coffey. Tyus will obviously have gone to the NBA at the end of leading the Gophers to the Final Four in 2014. IS MY DREAM REALISTIC? TELL ME IT’S REALISTIC.

  2. Which unheralded mid-majors are the most dangerous and most likely to upset somebody come Championship Week or NCAA time?

    I’m not talking about those mid-majors that don’t fly under the radar – Butler, Gonzaga, even Murray State (since by now everybody knows who Isaac Canaan is). Which mid-majors do you think nobody is talking about but could make some noise?

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