A few thoughts following the Minnesota’s 15 point victory over the Richmond Spiders, before we turn to all things Duke

  • Please excuse anyone for being slightly panicked after the first 12 minutes of the game. The Gophers simply couldn’t hang on to the ball, piling up 11 turnovers in that span. These were not forced by Richmond, unless they have special magical powers that cause bad decisions and lapses in concentration. It was your typical forget to catch, forget to pass, forget to dribble, chuck it into the 10th row smorgasbord.
  • I’m not worried nearly as much as I should be about turnovers because the problems seems to have solved itself rather quickly. They had only 8 over the games last 28 minutes. That isn’t going to win any turnover prevention awards, though it will be enough to keep the Gophers from giving away wins.
  • Trevor Mbakwe is now really, really back. He didn’t start, but was on the court when it mattered for 27 minutes and nearly had a double-double with 9 points (and a few missed free-throws) and 12 rebounds. Before he came into the game, Richmond was dominating the glass, and combined with Minnesota’s turnover problems, the Gophers rarely had the ball.
  • Austin Hollins was an absolute beast on defense, again. Richmond’s best player, Darien Brothers, was averaging 20 points per game. He scored only two points on 1-11 shooting. The elder Hollins did quite well for himself on offense with 13 points.
  • Richmond shot better than any Gopher opponent this season, and they still shot only 33% from the field.
  • Andre Hollins showed stretches of brilliance towards the end of last season. We saw only a flash of that on Sunday, but what a flash! In the span of a minute or two, he took over the game, and gave the Gophers momentum that they did not give up.
9:36 49-44 Andre Hollins made Jumper.
9:26 Cedrick Lindsay Turnover. 49-44
9:26 49-44 Andre Hollins Steal.
9:24 Foul on Darien Brothers 49-44
9:24 49-45 Austin Hollins made Free Throw.
9:24 49-46 Austin Hollins made Free Throw.
9:06 Darien Brothers Turnover. 49-46
9:06 49-46 Andre Hollins Steal.
9:02 49-48 Andre Hollins made Layup.
8:39 Greg Robbins Turnover. 49-48
8:19 49-51 Andre Hollins made Three Point Jumper.

One thought on “Golden Gophers pass first test, but it wasn’t an A

  1. From the Barn, I agree with you about that 1 1/2 minute stretch for Andre. Unbelievable is the best way to describe it. The game was very much in doubt at that point and trending in the wrong direction. Andre just said “screw this” and just made it happen. He is a born leader and at times like that we’re going to need him big time this year.

    Good work as always.

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