Big Ten releases Gold Gophers conference schedule

This morning the Big Ten announced the 2012-2013 conference schedule. Dates, times and TV schedules will come later, but for now, there is plenty to get excited about.

We’ll have much more on this later tonight. But first thoughts have to be the chaos that should envelope The Barn on New Year’s Eve, and the sheer hilarity of scheduling the Badgers on Valentine’s day. That will surely be a love fest!

December 31, 2012: Home vs. Michigan State

January 6, 2013: Home vs. Northwestern

January 9, 2013: Away vs. Illinois

January 12, 2013: Away vs. Indiana

January 17, 2013: Home vs. Michigan

January 23, 2013: Away vs Northwestern

January 26, 2013: Away vs. Wisconsin

January 29, 2013: Home vs. Nebraska

February 3, 2013: Home vs. Iowa

February 6, 2013: Away vs. Michigan State

February 10, 2013: Home vs. Illinois

February 14, 2013: Home vs. Wisconsin

February 17, 2013: Away vs. Iowa

February 20, 2013: Away vs. Ohio State

February 26, 2013: Home vs. Indiana

March 2, 2013: Home vs. Penn State

March 6, 2013: Away vs. Nebraska

March 9, 2013: Away vs. Purdue