More Big Changes

The Big Ten continues to hemorrhage big men. Jared Sullinger will announce his professional aspirations today. Oft injured Jorge Brian-Diaz of Nebraska is headed back to Puerto Rico. We knew Ralph Sampson wouldn’t be playing college basketball, but he will have the chance to impress some NBA scouts.

In too short for the NBA news…

No one knows what Trey Burke is thinking, which leads to me to believe he has no idea what his plans are for next season. If he does leave for the NBA, it will be the second straight season that Michigan has lost a point guard to the NBA, and the second straight season that the point guard left school too soon.

In fake awards news…

Draymond Green won the kPoy award, though this is more legitimate than the “real” awards handed out this time of year.

A former Gopher will be in The Barn

Ben Johnson will be an assistant coach at Nebraska.

It’s never too early to guess randomly!

A way too early potential NCAA tournament bracket could give the Gophers a chance to play Kentucky in the second round.

Best crime report EVER

An impostor, a horrible band, and lots of stupidity result in hilarity (4th one down).