Now that the soon to be vacated national championship has been decided, the focus finally turns to next season. Unfortunately, it is 7 months away.

Big changes for Big Ten big men

Meyers Leonard will take his two last names to the end of the first round of the NBA draft.

Derrick Nix was arrested last night and has been suspended indefinitely. This isn’t his first off-court issue with the Spartans, but will likely be his last.

Next year actually is now

Everyone and their mother has a Top 25 for next season, and no, the Golden Gophers aren’t in any of them. Andy Katz does note that with the return of Trevor Mbakwe, Minnesota does at least deserve some consideration. Of course, Katz has picked the Gophers as his sleeper team the last two seasons, so this is likely just a curse from the Wisconsin graduate.

Money matters

WCCO looks at the financial impact of March Madness for college teams. A new study finds that the Gophers are the 10th most valuable college basketball team.

Season reviews

 Rush the Court graded the season as a B-. The Daily took a long look at the season and the trajectory of the team.

And in really Kentucky? Really? news

A shooting, a car ramming, and other shenanigans from a city that should be used to winning (soon to be vacated) titles.