We’ll get around to reviewing the Golden Gophers 2011-2012 season at some point. Until then, we’ll be resurrecting Barn Blurbs, our occasional round-up of stories around the series of tubes about Gopher Basketball and college basketball in general.

Hiring a coach is a lottery

It turns out that any coaching hire is a 50-50 proposition, unless, say, you are hiring one of the power coaches. Tubby Smith falls under that category, and some would argue he hasn’t worked out. Keep this article in your back pocket for the next time you find yourself in a Tubby Smith or any coach related debate.

Let the Jared Sullinger speculation begin

Last season off-season he came back, and likely didn’t improve his draft position much if at all. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple more Mbakwe-Sullinger showdowns assuming a) Mbakwe is 100% if he comes back and b) Mbakwe and the Gophers win any such showdowns. Otherwise, Sullinger is more than welcome to get paid millions for NBA mediocrity.

New NCAA summer coaching rules

Sid, or whomever writes his columns, talks to Tubby Smith about new rules that will allow coaches to actually coach players over the summer. With both coaches and players on campus, it was odd, in typical NCAA fashion, to not let the coaches actually coach the players.

Season wrap-ups

Marcus and the AP take a much too early look at what to expect next season. We’ll do that once we know what the roster will actually be.