According to James Cimburek of the Yankton Daily Press, Colton Iverson has asked for and been given a release from his scholarship with the Gophers. Cimburek was notified via e-mail from Iverson’s father.

This is a surprising, though hardly shocking development. Iverson struggled much of the season, and lost his spot in the starting line-up towards the end of the season despite being one of only five non-freshman scholarship players. Since he will be entering his senior season, he would have only one more season of eligibility, and would need to sit out this coming season to play again at the Division I level. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he transfers to a Division II school. If he does that, he would be eligible to play immediately.

Transfers are rarely good for a program, but the Gophers do have plenty of depth in the front court, and with Maurice Walker back from an injury and red-shirt freshman Elliot Eliason eligible this coming season, there likely wasn’t much playing time available for the would be senior center.

3 thoughts on “Colton Iverson is transferring

  1. When are you guys gonna get rid of the poison? Not the 5 players… I mean the coach? I’m a UK fan. We did. Time to bite the bullet and admit, “Yeah, Tubby may not be the coach we thought he was.” I’ve done the same thing! The quicker you do, the faster the program will bounce back! Go Gophers!

    • I’m sorry, but I have to disagree, you aren’t a UK fan. Instead of being excited for “your team” and their first trip to the final four in quite a few years, you are trolling the internet, commenting on a Gopher basketball blog where most Gopher fans don’t even bother to comment, trying to exact revenge against a person you have never met, and trying to carry out a personal vendetta against someone who has never heard of you. I’m not sure what you are, but you aren’t a fan. I will say though, as an actual fan of a team whose last trip to the final four (that never happened) coincided with “your” team’s last trip to the final, enjoy the few months before this trip to the final four is vacated, because they go by fast.

  2. Yeah JPhelps, Calipari isn’t poison at all. Just the sleaziest cheater in college hoops today. UK bball will go down in the flames the next few years, probably end up the next Tulane. Enjoy!

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