With only a few games left in the second round of the NCAA tournament (the play-in round was not the first round), people across the country are tearing up their brackets and hopefully rooting for underdogs. This phenomenon likely hasn’t reached the White House, where the President of the United States is sitting pretty, and in the 99th percentile on ESPN’s tournament challenge. As of this post, he ranked 3,169 out of over 6 million entries. His score should take a significant hit with his pick of Pittsburgh to make the final four, but it is still pretty impressive for someone running the free world most of the time. Or maybe it isn’t.

If I have learned anything from participating in tournament pools for the last two decades, it is that lack of knowledge is a good thing. Picking the outcomes of games based on mascots and favorite colors is often better criteria than offensive rebound percentage or defensive efficiency. Conservative pundits have been quick to criticize the president for filling out a bracket when he should have been focused on the two wars (well, three now) in the Middle East and the crisis in Japan. If anything, his bracket prognostication skills show his priorities are in order, and like most people who win their office pools, he is the beneficiary of a lot of good luck.