The Gophers move to 3-1 in the Big Ten with an excellent performance against Ohio State who was finally at full strength. There will be a more in-depth review after I re-watch the game and overcome my post exciting game amnesia.

  • Blake Hoffarber has finally, definitively, shut up his critics. After every great game he has had there have been way to many buts: the opponent was bad, they ran a zone, he couldn’t do that in the Big Ten, he couldn’t do it against an athletic team, etc. Well, Ohio State is a real Big Ten team that plays to man to man, and all Hoffarber did was go for 27 on 7-10 shooting from the floor and 7-9 from behind the three point line.
  • Someone tell Dallas Lauderdale that going after Westbrook for the second year in a row does not make him tough. Lauderdale is 6’8” and 255. Westbrook is 6’0”  195, and didn’t back down. Now that is tough.
  • The Barn is quickly approaching the volume of the Clem Haskins’ era. Last year was a bit sleepy, even during the Wisconsin game. This year there have been only two Big Ten home games, both against team’s not expected to challenge for the conference title, and the place was hopping.
  • Colton Iverson made some huge hustle plays. He scored only four points and his four turnovers were ugly, but his effort rubbed off on his teammates. He even held his own on Evan Turner during a few switches on screens. The sizable contingent that made the trip from Yankton should be proud.
  • Evan Turner needs to quit whining and play the game.
  • Westbrook makes odd decisions at times, but he should not be questioned when he has the ball with five on the shot clock. His runner after lulling the defense to sleep was a thing of beauty.
  • Minnesota won the game at the free throw line, of all places. They made 75% of their freebies in the second half to seal the deal.

8 thoughts on “Quick thoughts: Gophers 73 – Ohio State 62

  1. What about Tubby doing line changes in the first half? Unsurprisingly, OSU went on a 6-0 run with a mess of sloppy play from our bench when we took out all our starters at once. That ALWAYS kills our momentum and Tubby never fails to do it.

  2. I hate it. hate it, hate it. I’m all for a line change as a stern message, but not as a default line-up decision. The starters are clearly the five best players on the team. Putting the five worst players on the floor at the same time isn’t going to consistently work.

  3. I’m not going to pile on Tubby for the line change thing. I question it, but he’s the couch that has won a National Championship. How about that Half-time adjustment Tubby made to the full court press? Bring Johnson on the ball as Turner makes the same spin move on Al Nolen! They locked Turner down! He doesn’t have the true point guard dribbling prowess to beat the double team at or before the half court. BEAUTIFUL COUCHING!

  4. I can’t agree with the Iverson comment. The first string offense was like night and day with Ralph out there instead of him. He clogs up the middle and can’t seem to get anywhere near the basket.

  5. Al Nolen is the key to the press working. He is able to over pursue the point and allow the double team from the backside.
    As far as lineups…
    I would love to see Paul Carter and Damian Johnson on the court at the same time. Most often, they are able to guard the 2-4 with active hands and feet. Arguably, they are a bit raw offensively, but they would hit the offensive glass hard and would be able to run on the break.

  6. Carter at the 4 and Johnson at the 3 would be nice to see, but we might need to see WIlliams develop a bit more for that to happen. With those two in, Tubby would most likely have to bring in both Williams and Bostick at some point, and that could be ugly.

  7. It was a good thing that we got that win against Ohio St. when we did…we couldn’t beat them the way they are playing now. I should say the way Evan Turner is playing now.

  8. To make the tournament we need to win 8 of the last 12. Easier said than done…it starts with a big game on Saturday Jan. 23rd at home against Sparty. This would be a huge win not only for our conference record but within the RPI Top 50. Then we still have to play Northwestern and Michigan twice. They both play that 1-3-1 defense that typically stymies our offense. We need to probably win those five games plus the two home games against Indiana and Iowa. It would be great to get a win at home against Wisconsin but we could also steal a road win at Illinois.

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