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  • Lawrence Westbrook is to the Gophers’ offense what Damian Johnson is to the defense. Westbrook was out with food poisoning, and the Gopher offense was out of it.
  • Bold prediction: Rodney Williams will be the Big Ten freshman of the year.
  • The little kid basketball half-time scrimmage was more fundamentally sound than the first half. Devoe Joseph needs to learn to use the backboard on his lay-ups.
  • Great turnout by the student section for a meaningless game on a week night.
  • Minnesota’s defense was atrocious. There were way too many open shots and way too much penetration.
  • A little adversity goes a long way. The Gophers had a few nervous moments and were without their leading scorer. It will help them in the long run.
  • Give Utah Valley credit, they could have given up several times and stuck around.
  • Al Nolen of Louisville game fame made a cameo.
  • This won’t be the first time that Rodney Williams almost breaks himself. What goes up must come down, and what goes way up must come way down.
  • The rebounding numbers weren’t as bad as they looked. A lot of missed shots creates a lot of rebounding opportunities.

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6 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Gophers 76 Utah Valley 51

  1. As usual, nice and quick recap. The first two games I was wondering where Al’s offense went, but then I caught myself seeing his 7 assists and 0 turnovers and was wondering if Larry, Devoe, Rodney and the gang are creating perhaps its fine if Al isn’t jumping into the trees. (cause he certainly shouldn’t be taking the 3, gosh that push-shot is still ugly)

    You’ve always got an eye on the atmosphere in The Barn and I’d agree, the students have been great so far. Noise pretty solid, and great showings for the fluff…and on time.

    I had checked the news until 4pm and hadn’t heard anything on Larry. I was definitely scared when I saw him on the bench. “Well he’s on the bench, it can’t be a sickness…oh gawd.” Get better soon Larry.

    Colt is in danger of becoming our off the bench bulk. Still altering shots, but not looking any more comfortable or nimble down low. Hmph.

    The PF situation does leave me wondering what is going through Tubby’s head. How much it worries him, is he planning for stretches of our Al + four wings defensive swarm?

    As it has been mentioned, does feel good to be dropping the hammer on these lesser teams. Utah Valley hung around too long, but we still managed to shut the door hard.

  2. Not only on time, but they stuck around. I’m sure there were plenty of drink specials on campus that were calling their name. Some of the season ticket holders could learn about sticking around from the student section (oh how I miss it!)

    Colt has looked rough at times. He might just need a few games to fit in. That, and Ralph has looked awfully good, and we may just be noticing the difference in their progress thus far.

    And who needs power forwards. Luckily, the power forward position is dying, or at least it feels that way. There aren’t a ton of true centers now. Instead there will be a lot of players who would have played power forward 10 years ago playing center, which necessitates or more perimeter oriented player filling in at the 4. In short, the Gophers can get away defensively with a Damien Johnson or a Paul Carter at power forward, and benefit immensely from their versatility on the offensive end.

    Sure would be nice if one of the new power forwards could get eligible though.

  3. Your bold prediction about Rodney Williams is awfully bold indeed, because there are a lot of very good freshmen in the Big Ten this season. Penn State has a guy they really like. Illinois has a pair of freshman guards starting, one of whom (Brandon Paul) has scored 20 and 22 in the first two games. Nix for MSU has drawn some praise. The Big Ten is really stacking up talent.

  4. Penn State needs to worry about winning a meaningul game, and Nix should get lost in the shuffle. Of course the prediction is bold. I guess I could have predicted that Michigan State has a chance to win the conference title if I wanted to be…umm.. italic?

  5. JF, love the content. Keep up the good work.

    I don’t know if any other people share the sentiment, but personally I have a bit of trouble navigating the blog layout.
    Would you consider returning to the one block per row layout as opposed to the newer one main block, then two posts blocks per row?

  6. If people want that it could be arranged, though I’m not sure why that would make it easier to navigate.

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