By request, we are trying to add some Twitter functionality. We have already added the widget on the right hand side of the site. If you or anyone else uses the hash tag #umnhoops it will be fed through the widget and appear there. For those of you gifted with a good cell phone, skinny thumbs, and the ability to multi-task, this is a great way to keep folks informed of your thoughts, especially if you are at a game.

I’m also trying to find the best way to provide in-game coverage and want to know what you want. For road games we will continue to use Cover It Live. It is by far the best live-blogging tool that I have found, and it is also compatible with Twitter. Unfortunately, Cover It Live requires someone at the control panel. I’m lucky enough to attend every home game, so I’m not able to keep things going. This is where you, reader that wants to help out, comes in. During home games it would be great for a volunteer to step up and moderate the discussion. All this would really entail is approving new commenters to comment, and deleting anything obviously inappropriate. The software is easy, intuitive, and doesn’t require any sort of installation. All it would really require is you to devote around 5% of your basketball watching attention, but weren’t you going to be chatting anyway? If you are interested shoot us an email or express your interest in the comments below.

If we are unable to get Cover It Live going for home games, the next best options seem to be using the comments or using some sort of other chatroom. The comments are fine with me, though they don’t seem to be a favorite of anyone. Otherwise, we can use the chatroom that we often used last year. Unfortunately, that doesn’t provide the same archiving ability of Cover It Live, doesn’t allow users to pick up the conversation in media res, and tends to create comments consisting of “hello, anyone out there”. But it may be better than nothing.

I always enjoy reading comments about the Gophers and discussing the action as it happens. Help us create an enjoyable experience by letting us know what you think.

And on to basketball…

Collegehoops.net released their Big Ten preview, picking the Gophers to finish sixth in the conference. Only Ralph Sampson and Royce White made their top-25 Big Ten player list.

The Big Ten Geeks, undoubtedly blogging from the posh corporate headquarters of the Big Ten Network, pick Paul Carter as one of their breakout players. Maybe they have a curse like Sports Illustrated, because Carter played pretty poorly against Stephen F. Austin.

Speaking of curses, that is how Lake The Posts is referring to the injury plague that has swept Northwestern lately. Now Jeremy Nash has been diagnosed with a heart condition. Luckily it doesn’t seem too severe, and he isn’t expected to miss any playing time, but seriously, who is next? Purdue is also facing some injury concerns, with Lewis Jackson out for months with a foot injury.

Basketball season has really picked up, with all conference teams playing games lately. The bad teams are still bad. Iowa lost again at home, this time to Duquesne which was without their leading scorer, and Indiana struggled to beat something called South Carolina Upstate. Penn State needs another scorer, but won a tough game against Robert Morris. Taylor Battle scored only eight points. Even Michigan State had a rough go of it in a close win over a supposedly depleted Gonzaga squad. I wish the Gophers could be depleted.

Finally, in a bit of Wisconsin hate propaganda, the Badgers alleged recruiting coup isn’t working out so well. Mike Bruesewitz might be on the way to a red-shirt season. Remember kids, it is better to be a Gopher.