The game is being streamed at www.bigtennnetwork.com, so I’m not exactly expecting much success with this, but if you are watching the game, you are at your computer, so why not type while you watch?

The comments are open for your observations and whatever else you want to discuss.

6 thoughts on “In-game chat: Gophers vs. Stephen F. Austin

  1. I’d love to have cover it live running for home games, but I’m at the game sans computer. If anyone (subtle hint) wants to be in charge of doing in-game chats I’m happy to turn over the keys during home games.

    • Though I think I just found a way to incorporrate hash tags and post tweets onhere. I think I will give it a go on Thursday. #umnhoops shall the official non-official tag of Golden Gopher basketball.

  2. Yeah, I’m busy watching the game, and I have thick thumbs. I’d spend more time trying to type Hoffarber than actually watching the game. Not worth it (for me at least).

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