The Trevor Mbakwe Round-up

Two bizarre quotes stand out. “The decision is not at all based on whether I feel he is innocent or guilty. It’s an educational decision that I feel will allow Trevor to learn from.” -Joel Maturi. Mr. Maturi, what lesson are you attempting to teach?

“But credit Minnesota as an institution for taking a stand and not using the “innocent until proven guilty” card so many programs play in the spirit of winning at all costs.” -Gary Parrish. Maybe, just maybe, the innocent until proven guilty card is played because it is the foundation of our criminal-justice system.

Rush The Court releases their pre-season bracket, and the Gophers check in as a six seed.

Big Ten Geeks finds that freshman do improve. I just wish they had created a graph charting fan frustration with freshman.

Cory Joseph enjoyed his visit. Be optimistic: “[Smith’s] an unbelievable coach,” Joseph said. “He’s a great guy. He’s down to earth.” Be pessimistic: “At the same time, I still gotta check out other schools. … [I’ll] keep on looking into all the schools.”

Another Big Ten preview. This one picks the Gophers sixth.

3 thoughts on “Barn Blurbs 11/03/09

  1. Time to re-rank the Gophers w/o accounting for the presence of Mbakwe. They are still very young up front and lose a lot of athleticism. It’s really a shame because this blatantly false charge is screwing up a young man’s life.

    • Their ranking shouldn’t slip unless they lose, and the 76 Classic looks to be a verify difficult proposition that this point.

  2. Gophers have nice guard play, but their frontcourt is lacking without Mbakwe. Big Ten requires physical play, they haven’t got it consistently. Portland U exposed them.

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