With the season, or at least the beat up on the local Division II team portion of the season arriving on Thursday, Barn Blurbs is back.

The nation has taken notice that the Gophers should be very good this season. The AP and ESPN both have the Gophers ranked in their pre-season Top 25 polls, with little agreement between the coaches and the media. Others (bloggers, what do they know?) have the Gophers ranked at #14, #18, #20, #23, #24,

The Big Ten Geeks also predict big things in the next few months.

Now to  decide who  plays and how much.

I guess some people play Big Ten fantasy basketball, and for them there is a preview too.

The  Gophers show up at least twice on annual best games lists.

Cory Joseph was in town, took in the Timberwolves game, and met Lebron James according to various sources. Sure beats Iowa City…

If you see some bright greenish yellow t-shirts at The Barn this year, they may very well be the sportsmanship police. Hey Barnyard, you are being watched.

At some point Williams Arena acquired a blog. It will be interesting to see what it turns into once the season starts.

Spencer Tollackson will be the color commentator for radio broadcasts this season. A secret plan to spur ticket sales perhaps?

I’m getting married next August, and will gladly accept a signed Tubby Smith basketball as a gift.

UM Hoops points out scatter plot style that the poor outside shooting Gophers at the very least didn’t shoot it too often from out there.

Coming soon, a look at the three unknown quantities on the Gopher roster, a quick glance at the non-conference season, and a preview of the first exhibition games against Minnesota Duluth