Or, to be more accurate, they at about 9 am yesterday.

Season tickets this year cost $558.00, with unobstructed seats still available in the lower reaches of the upper deck. This may seem like a lot of money, but it still equates to around only $30.00 per ticket. Compared to $40.00 and a mile away for the Vikings, $40.00 for comparable Timberwolves tickets (that are lower level but much farther away, and the Twins who are still inside the dome, it is a heck of a deal. Throw in the fact that the Gophers are on the rise, and those same $30.00 tickets will be going for much, much more on cold February night, and even more if the team’s success continues, buying season tickets now may be your only remotely affordable way into The Barn in the near future.

Much to my wallet’s chagrin but life-scheduling delight, I have joined the ranks of regular season ticket holders. No more 7:30 am camp outs in the lobby of Williams Arena, though they certainly could be fun. From The Barn will now be based out of section 204. We’ll be wearing the hard hats.