This article is part four of our season review. Part one discussed Kevin Payton. Part two looked at Travis Busch. Part three covered Jamal Abu-Shamala.

NIT Maryland Minnesota Basketball

A man among boys, a giant they say
With such a length and such width he’d be great some day.

The recruiters went out to get him to sign
They called so often they burned up the phone line.

The two final teams, the Goph’s and the Storm’
Both wanted the young man to help their teams form

The contest between them became a battle
They fought long and hard like nomads for cattle.

He made up his mind just before signing day
For the home town team he decided to play.

His game was good, but grades needed work
So off to prep school for an academic perk.

When he arrived he was green but big
Too bad he was not lean and as soft as a twig.

The minutes were sparse but potential was there
With growth and experience he could at least be fair.

In that worse second season many minutes were gained.
With 13 and 14 the Nittany Lions were pained.

But during that game he reach his peak
There never was that dominant streak.

As a junior there were no double digits
Just plenty of time on the bench for fidgets.

The senior season was not to be
A pulled groin, a hernia, everything hurt but the knee.

Mr. Williams, they said, was sure to succeed
If only his potential could have been freed.

Two handed spikes and the too hard foul
Enough to make even a calm coach scowl.

Slow of foot and decisions unsound
He was never a threat to grab a rebound.

Not everyone can always be good
He went to class, just like he should.

He became a captain, a leader of men
So don’t be ashamed, not now and not then.

You had five years, half a decade of school
A graduate of college, you won’t be a fool.

Still young, still hopeful, so much to still do
At the U, as a person, you most certainly grew.

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