Last week it was reported that the Gophers would be taking a one year break from their not yet a rival North Dakota State to play a game on national TV. The Gophers aren’t a national power yet, so the odds are that whomever this mystery opponent is won’t be your average Midsoutherntechstate that has been filling the non-conference schedule the last few years.

Now comes word from Sid Hartman that the mystery opponent is the team that beat North Dakota State in the NCAA tournament, the Kansas Jayhawks, who may have agreed to a home and home series with the Gophers. This would be a huge upgrade to the Gophers non-conference schedule and would in all likelihood be the highest ranked non-conference opponent to visit Williams Arena since Cincinnati (the Kyle Sanden game)  was #2 in 1998. For Kansas, it would give star center Cole Aldrich a chance to play in front of friends and family.

Considering the source, it is safer to file this under “rampant speculation” than “sure thing”. We’ll keep you updated though.

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    • Speculation, dreaming, randomly making stuff up….it really is all the same with Mr. Hartman.

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