Enjoy the slow and calm off-season Gopher fans. It sure is better than the chaos gripping the college basketball world!

The question dissertation india isn’t who will be transferring, but who will be left. Minnesota native Jermaine Davis is officially gone. Jake Kelly might be too. Jeff Peterson and David Palmer are also mentioned as possible transfers. I’m all for the failure of all things Iowa, but I’d rather see a successful basketball program to our south and some great rivalry games. This is almost enough to make me feel sorry for them, almost. How long does Lickliter have left?

Billy Gillespie might be on his way out after two years, that is, if they can find anyone who wants his job. As a Gopher fan who is thankful for that Tubby Smith decided to coach here, I suppose I should be gloating, but I am not. Yes, the average Kentucky fan is a deranged nut-job that could surely benefit from another major sport or two in their state, but it isn’t good for college basketball to have on the elite programs in shambles. I’ll never forget watching Tony Delk and company dominate the Tim Duncan led Wake Forest Demon Deacons from near the top row in the upper deck in the Metrodome. I hope they get it together soon, and in the process gain a bit of perspective.

Jim Calhoun has a PR problem, himself. The vultures were already swirling after his less than tactful response to a question about his salary. Now he has a widening scandal involving the potential illegal recruitment of a player that was kicked out of school for violating a restraining order after being accused of domestic violence. If I learned anything from our very own scandal, it is that Matt Painter might very well be the next coach at Connecticut if his team beats the Huskies in the Sweet 16.

Oh, that’s right, there is basketball still being played.
Purdue and  Michigan State are the two remaining representatives from the Big Ten in this year’s NCAA tournament. Previews of their games against Connecticut and Kansas respectively can be found here and here.