Mascot Death Match
Vote for Goldy!

It’s Gopher Season
Arrogant and over-confident Texans?

Shocking! Let’s up hope they hang up the “Mission Accomplished” banner before the game.

Minnesota Gophers are underdogs against Texas in NCAA tournament first round
With such vastly different styles of play, I wouldn’t call anyone a favorite.

Aldrich’s high school coach might cut class
Both NDSU and Kansas will expect some home cooking.

Virginia’s Plan Bs
Another coaching vacancy, another unfounded Tubby rumor.

Time to dance
Ten seeds for everyone!

Classic coaching duels in the offing
Even Dick Vitale knows the Gophers will be in trouble if they play Duke, or maybe this is just more of his pro-Duke brain-washing.

2 thoughts on “Barn Blurbs 3/17/09 is voting for Goldy

  1. JF –

    Thanks for linking over. If you read our stuff with any regularity, you’d know we’re not over-confident about this team. We may be arrogant but not about basketball.

    Our team can beat a lot of teams and lose to just about any team. Come by the site and hang out with us – or shoot m an email and we can set something up pre-game.

    Hook ’em.

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