Starting at about 7 pm CST, and remember, you can enter the predict the score contest until tip-off.

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3 thoughts on “Live Blog: #19 Minnesota vs. #14 Michigan State

  1. Fun story. At work everyday at lunch we do the quiz in the star tribune as a group. Ignoring how nerdy that is, today the category was science. Remember I work in a business office. One of the questions was, “Name 2 of the 6 Nobel gases.”

    Everyone looked around like an idiot, and then I said, “Xenon, Neon, Radon, Argon, Krypton……”

    I named 5 of the 6 in about five seconds. It was awesome. Jaws dropped. I was called a nerd by several people, but more like “you’re a nerd and I’m jealous” not “I’m a nerd and you suck to hang around with” like you guys are probably used to.

    Let it be known that I may not have a fancy science degree, but I’m a genius at science and would gladly take on any one of you dumb ___s in a game of science trivia. Bring it.

    FYI – the last nobel gas is Helium, which totally shouldn’t count because it doesn’t fit the rhyme scheme.

    P.S. I’m pretty drunk right now

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