Tubby’s #19 Gophers Dominate Penn State 79-59

For the game, Minnesota shot an ungodly 62 percent from the floor, a byproduct of being iron hot, but also the aforementioned efficiency on offense.

Weekend Review

You could point out that the Gophers were fortunate to get some hot shooting after going 9-9 from three and shooting 63% for the game, but you’d be stupid.

Penn State Demoralized by Minnesota

It was one of those games where you go down by three early. Then three turns into five. Five turns into ten. Ten turns into fifteen. And then before you know it you’re down by 25 points midway through the second half and you’re wondering how the Steelers are doing over on CBS.

Bostick leads No. 22 Minnesota past Penn State

The mild-mannered transfer from Southwestern Illinois Community College let out a primal scream and pounded his chest after the second one, then really poured it on in the second half.

U’s depth is golden in victory

Six Gophers made at least one three-pointer on a 9-for-9 shooting performance from beyond the arc against the Nittany Lions — and not one of them was named Blake Hoffarber.

Forward blossoms, even without roots

For some kids, life is a journey; for others, it’s a forced march. That’s why Carter, the Gophers forward who played so well in the blowout of Penn State on Sunday, says he still hasn’t decorated his walls at the U. He figures posters are for people who put down roots, or at least unpack their socks.

Minnesota’s bench springs victory

“We got behind, and we lost focus defensively,” DeChellis said. “The kids who started we guarded pretty well and did a good job against. But the kids off the bench just played great for them.”

Role players propel Gophers past PSU

“We didn’t have the firepower,” Penn State forward Jamelle Cornley said. “They were the tougher team.”

Devron Bostick, Paul Carter emerge as Gophers’ beat Penn State

“I’ve had junior college transfers over the years, and they all take awhile to understand the system,” said Smith, who signed Carter and Bostick to his first recruiting class at Minnesota last year. “It’s like going into a different class. The fundamentals are the same, but the terminology, the system, the offense and defense is different. It usually takes them half a year.”