For those who haven’t been able to see Rodney Williams in person, or those who would rather not deal with the inevitable chaos that will follow him this season, take a look at this video. He will undoubtedly add some flash and athleticism to the Gophers next season. I don’t think we’ve seen a 360 dunk for the good guys in a while.

Rodney Williams and Robbinsdale Cooper take on Robinsdale Armstrong

4 thoughts on “Watch Rodney Williams play an entire game

  1. Does the video include the entire game? It seems to be just the intro when I play it.

    • It should. Last night I watched most of the first half and it worked fine. Unfortuntely, you will have to watch the intro and some public service announcements, and even more unfortunately, fast forwarding isn’t an option. But, within 5 five minutes of watching the game, you’ll have forgotten about all that. I promise.

  2. I must be doing something wrong. Replay stops after intro and there is nothing more.

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