The Big Ten opening game against Michigan State has been moved to 11:00 AM, to accommodate…well, I’m not sure. Yes, the game was scheduled to start at the same time as the Insight Bowl. This would be a scheduling conflict if A) More than 5 people had the NFL network, the only network televising the game or B) the football team had won a game in the last two months. Instead, if you are lucky enough to have all of New Year’s Eve day off, there will be plenty of tickets available for the basketball game!

There is some overlap between the season ticket holders of the football and basketball teams. Some of these people faced the choice of going to the bowl game or going to the basketball game. They will still have to make that choice. Those flying to Arizona obviously won’t be at The Barn on the 31st. With the now deceased 5:00 pm start, the rest of the season ticket holders, the majority of whom work, still would be able to go to the basketball game. Sneaking out an hour or two early on a quasi-holiday is not that big of a deal and the people who had planned to attend the game either made accommodations to their schedule if playing hooky was not an option. Now many of them won’t be able to go to the game. I hope the U of M has extra people on stand bye to read the hate mail, because it will soon be coming in, especially from people who bought a ticket specifically for the Michigan State game, and now will not be able to attend.

If you are going to the bowl game, and wanted to watch some basketball at 9 am, I guess you win. Sadly the losers out number you, and include the basketball team, who will now play one of its biggest games in years in a mostly empty arena.

Speaking of hate mail, direct it here: maturi@umn.edu

5 thoughts on “The Minnesota Athletic Department still knows how to screw over their fans

  1. I am incredibly disappointed.  Apparently the few rich donors who can go to both games are more important than me and the hundreds of other people who cheer so loudly and whole-heartedly for the gophers at each and every game but have real jobs and can’t leave early on quasi holidays.  :(    Mr. Maturi received one angry email from me.

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  3. put me in the minority, but I am actually excited to see the schedule change.  as a student I am going to be gone for break, and by pushing the game back to the afternoon, I can go to the game as well as celebrate new years… saying this, i see how it is inconvienent for a lot of people

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