A few of you may remember what can only be described, in the words of the kids these days, my “Epic Fail” of a Big Ten Preview last year. Not only did I begin my preview half way through the season, but I started with the worst teams first, and didn’t bother finishing it. While I was proud of what could only be described as the most in-depth preview of Northwestern and Penn State by a completely uninformed and disinterested (sorry fans of bad basketball teams named after large felines) blogger, it was not going to get the job done this year. So instead of an “Epic Fail,” I’m going for moderate success. I have scoured the Blogosphere to find as many team and conference previews as I could. They are organized by team, and the links go to various sites. As you’ll see, the vast majority of team previews are from bloggers who actually are knowledgeable about the teams of which they write. The internet is a big place, and I am sure there are other previews out there. Let me know in the comments what I missed and I will be happy to add them to the list.

Big Ten

College Hoops Net

Big Ten Geeks

College Fast Break

Storming the Floor

Rush the Court

Northwestern Wins


Big Ten Geeks


Inside the Hall via The Dagger

The Hoosier Report

Big Ten Geeks


Black Hearts Gold Pants

Big Ten Geeks


Maize ‘n’ Brew


Michigan Sports Center

UM hoops, really, just look at the whole site. He has been previewing the season for months.

Big Ten Geeks

Michigan State

Ballin is a Habit

Spartans Weblog


Big Ten Geeks


From the Barn via UM Hoops

The Daily Gopher’s Multipart Preview

Down with Goldy


Big Ten Geeks


Big Ten Geeks

Ohio State

Buckeye Banter

Eleven Warriors

Big Ten Geeks

Penn State

Black Shoe Diaries

Crispen and Cream

Happy Hour Valley Parts 1 and 2

Big Ten Geeks


Ballin is a Habit

Boiled Sports

Off the Tracks Parts 1 and 2


Big Ten Geeks

Fan House


Ballin is a Habit

Hoops Marinara via UM Hoops

Big Ten Geeks

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    • @Ryan
      And thanks to you. You definitely have a very ambitious site. I can barely keep up with one team, but you do a great job with the whole country.

  1. This is great, thanks for doing this.  By the way, in your other articles you do great work and provide fresh insight into Gopher Basketball.  Keep it up!

  2. I especially appreciate when someone links our site without calling us idiots. Looking forward to seeing what Tubby does for the Gophers this year – we’ll keep in touch.

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