Plenty of tickets remain for this weekends three Gopher basketball games that make up the NABC Classic. The three games are against Concordia, Bowling Green, and Georgia State. By purchasing a ticket, you also will be able to see the game prior to each of the Gopher games.

For Friday’s game against Concordia, which starts at 8 pm, pairs of tickets are available in row 13 in the corner of the upper deck. For Saturday’s 8 pm game against, Bowling Green, tickets in row 14 in the corner of the upper deck are available. For the finale against, Georgia State, the row 13 seats are available.

Though these seats are in the upper deck, they offer an excellent vantage point from which to watch the game. Williams Arena is not your typical arena, and definitely not the target center. The last row in the upper deck at the barn has better view than many seats in the lower deck of the Target Center.

And a friendly reminder if you plan to attend the games on Friday, bring a can of food. The athletic department will be holding a food drive. All food collected will go to Second Harvest Hartland. It does not need to be said, but I will anyway. With job losses growing and the economy still struggling, there are a lot people who are facing the holiday season with out much to eat. If you can afford to help, it will be appreciated.