If everyone in Yankton, South Dakota wanted to come to Williams Arena to watch Colton Iverson play, they could, and 1,000 of them could bring a friends. The entire city of Yankton could fit on the University of Minnesota campus. Its first college, Yankton College, is now a federal prison. But Colton Iverson is not the most well known Yanktonian, and he won’t be, thanks to Tom Brokaw.

To say that Colton Iverson will face a steep learning curve is a bit like saying that Yankton won’t be getting an NBA team any time soon, its almost not worth saying. Despite the upgrade in competition, Colton Iverson is poised join the ranks of Gophers from small towns that made a big impact. Appropriatly, Iverson is most reminiscent of Rob Shoenrock, who was never afraid to throw himself on the floor or into anyone who got in his way, and Dusty Rychart, who willed himself to more double doubles than he probably deserved. Iverson is poised to do the same. Even though he is from a blip on the map, his talent was noticed far and wide, including a scholarship offer from the Florida Gators. No, he didn’t want to follow in Mike Miller’s foot steps.

Iverson will be a physical rebounder for the Gophers who is not afraid to mix it up on the inside. However, the most encouraging part of his game is that he does not have to mix it up to be effective. He has great basketball instincts, and can get as many rebounds by being in the right place at the right time as he can pushing people out of the way. He will get most of his points on put backs and getting open underneath, but he is no slouch with his back to his basket. If he gets fouled, he will make his free throws, and unlike a lot of freshman, he doesn’t turn the ball over often. He will have to work on his defense and be careful about fouling, but the tools are there for impressive career.

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