I have tweaked a few things that should make this website a little more user-friendly and will hopefully encourage a bit more interaction.

  • Certain posts will now have polls. Vote early and often! The first poll asks what you think about Devron Bostick and can be found here.
  • Below each post, you will see a “Share this link”. With one easy click, you can share posts on this site by emailing them, posting to facebook or my space, or adding it to sites like digg. If you like what you read, why not share it?
  • I’ve messed around a bit with the comment feature. Yes, you can comment, and please, please do. You will now be able to edit your comments if you make as many typos as I do. You can also now respond to specific comments so your reply will appear right below the comment you are referring to. Of course this has not been an issue, but I can dream right?
  • This site is now compatible with gravatars, or goofy little icons that will show up next to your user name when you comment. Yes, I am getting ahead of myself.

If there is any other features that you think would be helpful, leave a comment using the new-fangled comments, and if anything does not work the way it should, let me know.