Apparently it is silly season in college basketball as well as politics. Minnesota assistant coach/guy who spends his free time in a cramped office splicing game film,  Steve Goodson, just might be the most eligible bachelor in the country. He most likely also enjoy long walks on the beach, fine wines, and fading jump shots.

Cosmopolitan, that bastion of fine journalism, sex tips, and embarrassed blushing grandmothers in grocery store check out lines has named him Minnesota’s bachelor of the year. If his abs are determined to be ripply enough, he could get the national title, the first ever for a Gopher basketball team. Surely opposing student sections will reference this at some point, but really they are just jealous. And who wouldn’t be? No word on why Spencer Tollackson was never able to get in game shape last season, or why the University of Minnesota Medical School was unable to perform an ab transplant.

From Cosmo:
Minnesota Bachelor 2008

Name: Steven “Zo” Goodson
Age: 25
Hometown: Minneapolis
Cosmo Username: MINNESOTA08
Occupation: Coach
Personality profile: “I make people laugh, even at my own expense.”
Type of chick he craves: “I like athletic, outgoing girls.”
Love lesson he learned: “I saw my older sister get her heart broken when a guy cheated on her. I’ve never cheated thanks to that.”
The look he loves: “A woman in running shorts and a sports bra”
What confuses him about women: “Girls tend to be indecisive about relationships. It’s so hard to keep up with what they want.”