Tubby visits the great Minnesota Get Together, and discusses:

  • fried green tomatoes
  • his days as a 4-H’er
  • sibling competition
  • leadership of last year’s seniors
  • his hopes for better rebounding
  • his concerns about youth
  • praises Damian Johnson
  • Devron Bostick and Paul Carter as the the impact new players
  • the emergence of international basketball
  • Kentucky, of course
  • adding depth
  • Williams Arena, recruiting, a new practice facility, and how he still doesn’t understand why we got offended when he said he doesn’t like The Barn.

Listen here.

2 thoughts on “Tubby Smith State Fair Interview

  1. Get Tubby a practice facility. Do we want to do the typical Minnesota thing and have to be dragged kicking into current state of intercollegiate sports? Let’s not wait around and finally react to the needs of the program…let’s show some proactive leadership and build it now. This will show our commitment to basketball rather than bring up the rear again and get no benefit from building when absolutely forced to down the road. Do now and act like a winner.

  2. Didn’t Tubby’s recruiting class show that a practice facility isn’t needed to attract top talent. Also, isn’t building a practice facility because everyone else is doing it just a bit reactionary?

    Just saying…

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