Corporate media consolodation has struck Gopher Nation and PJS, and it has left the blogopshere shaking. No word yet on the cause, but sources close to this situation state it has everything to do with Red China, immigrants taking jobs from hard working Americans, an incompetent congress, the inept FDA and contaminated Mexican peppers, and it is in now way a coincidence that this merger is taking place on the same day that Delta and Northwest pilots agreed to a contract, not so communist Russia continues to push deeper into Georgia, and Communist China continues to host the Red Olympics.

From The Barn will continue be an independent and populist voice representing the true middle class, and will not succumb to special interests hell bent on destroying the glue that holds this country together*.

This joint venture, which apparently isn’t quite up and running, will be called The Daily Gopher.

And since MN Sport Hotdish decided to link to me, I might as well do the same.

* And if you thought I was serious up to this point, I have several closed bridges to sell you.

3 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs isn’t happy

  1. LOL. Funny stuff. It should be live tomorrow I’m guessing. Was supposed to be today. I wrote a nice intro post and everything.

  2. Typical of football-oriented bloggers. They can’t resist the lure of becoming cogs in an organized system.

    We hoops bloggers, on the other hand, remain independent but team-oriented.

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