We all know what he can do against Northwestern. Now imagine what he could do in a tournament full of Northwestern level competition. Averaging 16 ppg over the first 7 games of the Jones Cup isn’t bad, especially for a kid who will be lucky to see 16 minutes in any game this coming year. Abu-Shamala is of course playing for the Jordanian National Team. In the championship game against Athletes in Action, which featured players from barely DI college teams, he scored 11 points.

And if you are desperate to watch a little basketball before the Olympics start up, the Internet does provide:

Jordan vs. Australia

No word on any Shane Heal or Luc Longely sightings.

Online Videos by Veoh.com
Online Videos by Veoh.comIn other Gopher News…

Royce White will play at Hopkins, if he doesn’t get expelled first. Trying to start a fight with a future teammate isn’t the best idea.

The rest of the Big Ten is really, really interested in the Gopher football team. At least someone is.

So much so that we are now a “rival” of Penn State. Yeah, it was news to me too. Too bad that North Dakota State is more of rival than Desperatetofitin Valley. Of course, that NDSU rivalry has more to do with Gopher ineptitude than geography or history.

Go outside…winter is on the way.

2 thoughts on “Jamal Abu-Shamala tears up the Jones Cup

  1. Minnesota being Penn State’s rival is news? They even have a nice little trophy for it. And I mean who doesn’t want to win the Governor’s Victory Bell right?

    So you are damned right when Penn State fans wish nothing short of a Notre Dame-esqe implosion on the Golden Gophers again this year.

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